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Thursday, February 3, 2011

UXUA traditional way Homes

    Wilbert was the middle of this as a second home remodeling design studio / when he had the idea of restoring some of the nearby houses as a community, as UXUA Enter a hotel not a hotel. "Nine out of seriously beautiful homes all built or restored by local craftsmen, and a lounge, bar and library. Luxurious, yes, but in a rustic and traditional.

    fallen trees are sculpted forms sinks, tubs and showers, tile has been restored old farmhouses and local pottery covers the floors and interior work. When Wilbert repaired the premises, he wished to observe the color and exuberance of the spirit of the old village. He used local craftsmen, recycled and reused, and also designed many pieces of themselves (like the beautiful chandeliers made from dried berries of indigenous peoples).

    "Some of our ornaments were made by Indians living in the reserve Pataxó top off of Trancoso. One of these Indians loved the old trees and the variety of plants in the Garden of Good and described the place for me Pataxó the word for 'wonderful', which I borrowed and translated by UXUA, gives the hotel its name, "says Wilbert. "I am a very rational Dutch, but for me the square has a magic power that I have met here, which totally relaxes me and takes away all the stress of the moment a foot on it."

    UXUA traditional way Homes

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