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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Apartment Design

    Runway Apartment Design

    Contestants on this season's show were treated to new apartments in luxury New York. The building has all the amenities any aspiring designer dreams of getting used to: 24-hour personalized concierge service, a full gym, basketball court.

    The decor, which in each of the six apartments provided was done by Luce-design, looks like something most adults have already outgrown. Our production designer in Luce-design, mrs Katarine A. says they were going for minimalistic, which sans stripes and stencils they may have achieved. The overall look though lacks the sophistication of well-done minimalism.

    The building's great, but to this design we say, "auf Wiedersehen."
    We've got a design idea for B. company: maybe next time let the cast of "Top Design" in on this project. At the very least they'll come up with something more inspired than beige.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Planning Your Interior

    Planning Your Interior Decoration

    As our homes are an important part of the world around us, most of us try to have beautiful and exotic items in our homes to make it more enjoyable to live in. There are various factors to keep in mind while planning your interior decoration as homes are not just made of a roof and four walls. When you talk of home décor, it encompasses several things such as designs, materials and themes.

    While planning your home decor project, you can choose a specific theme for every room or one theme for the entire home. You can beautify a house in such a way that each room is decorated with styles of different countries that you have visited. You can bring the authentic look by including art and furniture from each of those countries visited.
    Before embarking on the home improvement project, you have to be clear of your needs. You must also take into account your personal likes and dislikes while planning for a home decoration. You can decide from a range of themes such as Victorian to more contemporary themes that suit both the urban and modern lifestyle.

    One of the modern home décor ideas is the use of bamboo which is becoming popular nowadays. As bamboo is both beautiful and eco-friendly, it has many advantages that has made it the desired choice for home interior decoration. With the use of bamboo you can convert your home into a paradise of peace and harmony. You can also choose this material because of its sheer versatility. This material can be used in almost anything starting from floorings to even curtains! You must remember that non-toxic glue must be used for sealing the sheets while decorating your home interior.
    Bamboo curtains can also be bought cheaply from all over the world and can match with the flooring with convenience. Bamboo flooring can also enhance the ambience of the place, but you must make sure to keep the space clutter free. You should choose slightly muted colors for this theme. In case you are interested in adding more color to the space, you can opt from a range of cushions and rugs that make excellent floor decor additions.

Tips to Decorate a Small Home

    Tips to Decorate a Small Home
    It can be quite a challenge to decorate a small apartment or room. With careful research and planning you can create a great outcome with a combination of style and comfort. The most important aspect to keep in mind in home decoration is to plan in such a way that you make use of the existing space without overwhelming the area.
    The following are some of the tips which you can keep in mind before starting with the process of home decoration:
    You must not keep too many items in a small room as it will get further congested. You must also restrain from buying more decorative items and other articles which may seem too big for the small space. An uncluttered home will definitely provide more comfort and pleasure and ensure that home decoration becomes effective.
    You must have rooms that serve multipurpose activities. A child's room must be planned in such a way that it serves as a play room or study so that toys and books are in a confined space.
    You can also incorporate room divider screens which can be very useful and convenient to move from one place to another. You can also place bookcases so they are at a right angle to the wall. This will help you have more space for a computer desk. You can also have a side table with a plant on top against the open back of the bookcase which will add to the aesthetic appeal of your room. You can choose a bookcase with a finished back to add to the look.
    Another useful home decorating tip for small homes is to select furniture with space considerations at the front. This may be in the form of nesting, rolling, folding or any other space that can be condensed in size when not in use. You can also choose chest or trunks and stacking end tables that may be suitable for a small home.
    Illusion of space can also be created by light and mirrors which are the basic components in a small area. You can keep the window covers open in the day to be rid of dark corners that will make your room appear smaller. Better openness and functionality in each room can also be created by adding a mirror to each room.
    With some creativity you can make your home decorating ideas a reality even in a small home or apartment.

Ideas For Home Decor

    Useful Ideas For Home Decor

    Home décor reflects the style of the homemaker who visualizes what their dream home looks like and uses the help of a professional designer to make them come true, if they are not capable of doing it themselves. The house is generally built with a plan and when construction is over, it is ready for interiors. This involves tiling, painting, flooring, ceiling works. The bathrooms and kitchens require wall to wall treatment as also the flooring and ceiling. Choose your wash basins and bathtubs and make sure you have a good color scheme in mind. Complement the same with good faucets, taps and shower accessories.
    Consider the following useful options for home décor ideas. Select carpets and floor rugs keeping in mind color, accents and design. It is wise to choose 3 good harmonious colors and work around a theme to accentuate objects. The color of the walls and ceiling should subtly enhance the atmosphere of the room. Adopt any one of the various styles available. You can choose modern, eclectic, rustic, country, Mediterranean or Asian. Go with a theme and use articles and objects which reflect the style. Lighting plays a vital role in enhancing the ambience and appeal of a room.
    Generally people tend to neglect this important aspect of design. Choose lampshades, light fixtures concealed or exposed, chandeliers or attractive shades as per the style requirement. Avoid cluttering objects and artifacts. Attractive vases, candles and candle holders, crystal bowls selectively placed with the light factor taken into account reflects the personality of the owner.

What to Avoid

    What to Avoid While Redecorating Your Home?

    Don't let others make choices for you
    You should not let others make choices for your home as it is your personal space. You must also not let others tell you what you should do. You can just ask others for suggestions. When it is decision taking time, the choice must absolutely be yours.
    You should not go in for painting the home first
    Though you can select the paints and keep them ready, do not paint the home first. You must first decide on the upholstery, carpet, fabric etc before beginning to paint your house.
    Do not select paint from a Paint Chip
    You must not decide on paint color from a chip sample as the same paint may have an overpowering effect when you paint the entire wall. You can also select some portion of the color and then see how the color's effect is on the room with natural light.
    Decide on colors in your home and not in a store
    You must refrain from buying fabric or paint in your first visit. You can request for samples of carpet, paint etc and see how it looks like in your home in natural light and in the evening before deciding on the same.
    Use the colors you like
    Choose the colors you really like and that which will reflect your style and personality. You can also find a way to use the favorite colors in your house.
    Colors can work wonders
    You can create a relaxing environment in your house even by choosing colors such as blue and green. You can choose red and orange for family rooms where the main activities take place. According the atmosphere you want to create you can select colors in the room.
    Don't Force a Color Scheme
    You also need not make things to match. You can choose the color on the basis of major pieces and what you will have in the room and then repaint and co-ordinate all elements. You can put things that you do not want in another place if it doesn't match your plan.
    Focal Point of Your Room is crucial
    If you have a focal point in your room, make it more important. You can arrange the furniture and artwork around this important element. This is also an important part of home décor

Basics of Interior Design into Action

    Putting the Basics of Interior Design into Action

    Now that you’ve learned some of the basics, let’s pull everything together.
    - Repeat the main color throughout the room more than once. This attracts the eye and is the finishing touch. It might be something subtle, like a throw blanket, pillow or trim fabric on a chair.
    - Add a pattern, print or texture. These offer both a visual and tactile thrill.
    - Find one piece you love and display it proudly. Maybe it’s an antique bureau, a guitar mounted on the wall as art, a Tiffany lamp. Whatever it is, it will bring the room to life.
    - Move items around the house. Sometimes the simplest design makeover is to try putting this over there.
    - Don’t be afraid. Remember that a bad color choice can always be repainted, furniture is easily rearranged and windows are fine with curtains, shades or nothing at all.
    What matters most is that you have fun making your home welcoming and comfortable.
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