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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sneak Peek Casa dos Chicos Homes Stay

    Sneak Peek Casa dos Chicos Homes Stay
    Sneak Peek Casa dos Chicos Homes Stay
    I just returned from Mexico where my family and I spent last week hanging in the beautiful, laid-back, surfer town of Sayulita dotted with bougainvillea. I was on a mission to the interior and KS Los Angeles, wrote a piece travel-related Chicago designer Patrizio Fradiani of new cottage (an impulse buy, he spent the renovation last year after falling in love with the city).
    I can not say much about it until the story comes out (and I can send a full map), but here's a preview of the space in between. Let me assure you: It is a complete fantasy. Flowers everywhere, a pool surrounded by palm trees, roof garden tub with a pinch-me point of view of coastal mountains and sparkling sea. And if you saw Patrizio Tuscan farmhouse, so you can imagine thinking, care and retail, it refers to the inside.


    four-bedroom spread, which extends from two separate buildings (attached to the roof deck), two swimming pools, outdoor shower and an ideal location on a hill full of stunning views in every direction, the Casa dos Chicos is a reasonable price. Season: $ 2,750 per week.

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