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Friday, April 30, 2010

Houses Tree to Tranquility

    Very quiet and comfortable for those of you who are on your mind. Incredible inspiration to rescue woods. Blend with nature's sangt amazing and you will get it when designing a house like this one. A lot of valuable experience if you are in this house, full of puzzles and when the night will be many more things in contributed. Sounds of nature will accompany you during the night or day. Amazing experience and priceless.Baumraum’s eclectic tree houses

Green Poll and Remedy

    Green pool and remedy the pool concept and appreciate the extraordinary nature. With this extraordinary concept of home owners will get all the coolness in the pool and house. Many things are on offer from the concept of Green Poll and Remedy. Fatigue town and extraordinary work of the brain drain will disappear as soon as we entered the house and swimming in the pool. Soothe and menyujukan hearts and minds, the morning activities will taste delicious, and not boring.

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Extraordinary Bathrooms from Delpha

    DELPHA is a company experienced in designing bathrooms, one of the favorite designs are incredible bathroom. The concept that stylish design is the hallmark of every DELPHA. Obviously you really want that design because many concepts and ideas given by DELPHA, from the open or closed. Results are given will be sufficient to give satisfaction for us. Materials in use are also not indiscriminate but very classy and inexpensive.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pleasurable Modern Bedroom Design

Minimalist Design House with Black Parallel concrete walls

    Wilson House, is a Minimalist Design House with Black Parallel concrete walls, designed by Denton Corker Marshall. Yarra Valley is located in north-east Melbourne.Two thin rectangular sheet - roof and floor - lying on a sloping hill above the vineyards that stretch on the main road. Land of black metal plates supported by a series of parallel concrete walls perpendicular black pigmented. One end is based on a hill, the other cantilevers 11 feet beyond the retaining wall. plaque hangs above the roof, separated by full height windows to the front and end, and returned with two screws that attach to the length of the green between the plates. Each dish is 50 meters long and 11m wide. their uniqueness and clarity of the collar is strengthened by -2 m depth on the front and rear and 5 feet on the overhang projection - exterior wall. Cover plates supported by steel columns inside.


The new storefront

Sunday, April 11, 2010

For Sale Houses - Rent - Earthquake-Resistant Houses

    This action has consistently been acquainted of our ancestors to body acceptable houses are convulsion resistant. Its architectonics is characterized by the light, abstain access with the foundation umpak flops.

    However, as time advances, the board houses are now acceptable obsolete. Not alone for affidavit of change but additionally because of bound raw actual the added big-ticket wood.

    Conversely some of the after-effects of avant-garde analysis in developed countries it is beneath accepted in the association because of abridgement of abutment from the government who would adopt to see adversity afterwards adversity aloft his people.

    Seismic Bearing

    Just acknowledgment the use of accustomed elastic bearings (Seismic Bearing) to assure barrio adjoin earthquakes, accepted as abject abreast works Bogor Analysis Institute for Elastic Technology.

    Bearing accomplishment technology and abstracts acclimated for convulsion aggressive houses and barrio and is abundantly abide in the country.

    Application of these bearings are acclimated to assure convulsion bowl fabricated from a aggregate of accustomed elastic and animate plates that can abate ability by up to 70% reaction, because it artlessly has the backdrop of accustomed elastic adaptability and activity absorbing.

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