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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Living rooms

    Crazy living rooms

    Most people are afraid to use too many colors, but what they often fail to see is that it’s the way they use and place color that can make or break the room, says many design consultants, who propose an easy “rule of three” that can help infuse your home with vitality.

    Decorate your space with tiers of color. Begin with a rug, fabric or wallpaper you love and look closely at what colors are in it. The rug is a good place to start because it warms the room and you can build up.

    What colors do I love?
    What colors make me happy? If you don’t have an immediate answer to this question, check your closet. Does one color dominate? Design consultant Sheldon, who is trained as an architect, was recently working with a client to choose wall colors for a new house. After finally finding the perfect bedroom color, the client realized it was the same shade as her favorite coat. When you like a color, you really like a color.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


    Artwork Selection

    A frequently overlooked element of the built environment is the selection of artwork to complement a building and its interior design. The Estopinal Group's interiors team assists clients in the selection of artwork that is appropriately scaled, and represents the desired image emphasis and aesthetics....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ideas for Design

    Some Interior Design Ideas

    Find some Interior Design Magazines. It seems to be everywhere these days. Notice what it is you like. There are magazines for decorators, magazines for do-it-yourselfers, and magazines about architecture and the homes of famous people. Most of these publications are readily accessible by subscription or on your local library's periodical shelves.

    You can get interior design ideas by simply paying attention to rooms around you. Your friends and family's homes may have things you like or things you definitely want to stay away from. You can also go to furniture stores, craft stores and home improvement stores for ideas.

    You’ll gain a comprehensive foundation in all aspects of residential interior design, studying colour, furnishings, architecture, design theory, ergonomics, kitchen and bathroom design, building technology, materials and finishes, and lighting.

    When decorating your home it’s best to start with the flooring and work your way up. Decide what kind of flooring you want, carpet or wood. Then choose a color for the walls. After that, work in your furniture or start looking at new furniture. Choose a few home d├ęcor elements that match everything and personalize the room. Finally, choose lightening elements that pull it all together.

    Buying products secondhand is a key component of interior decorating on a budget. Peruse your neighborhood or online and discover a variety of traditional and unique decorating options. Look for detail pieces like decorative iron brackets or find new uses for traditional items. Sample an old iron gate as a pot storage rack on your kitchen ceiling or maybe an antique wood ladder as a plant stand.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

How do you Choose Colors for Decorating?

    TIPS on how do you Choose Colors...

    - What are your favorite colors?? Chances are good, you’ll want to decorate with those colors.
    - What certain colors mean to you? Do you love red, green or do you find it a vulgar shade? What about lighter or darker shades? Would a shadowy purple be okay, or a light violet?
    - What about your favorite decorating pieces. Do you have a picture or a vase you love? If so, draw colors from them.
    - Use the color wheel to find colors that compliment each other and work well next to each other. - Start slow. Don’t paint your all your rooms blue and then find you hate the shade. Experiment and expect to make mistakes. Remember, most things you do can be undone....

    --> Primary colors are colors that cannot be created by mixing with other colors. They are :

    red, blue and yellow

    --> Secondary colors are created by mixing primary colors. They are:

    Orange, Yellow, Green, Violet

    --> Tertiary colors are colors created by mixing a primary and secondary color. They are:

    Yellow-orange , Red-orange , Red-violet , Blue-violet , Blue-green , Yellow-green

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Interior Design Software

    Software in Design

    An know something completely different... let us make here a small break and write a little bit about software in Design. Today we all know and must know working on PC. However to use a computer program in designing you interior, is not so easy... If you are familiar with computer graphics than I recommend AutoCAD with lots of modules or ArchiCad... but we will talk about that pro tools later.
    Now let us see what we have among free software.

    SmartDraw is the ideal interior design software, I have tested it....

    Design anything easily:
    - House Plans
    - Kitchen Plans
    - Bathroom Plans
    - Garage Plans
    - Home Offices
    - Closet Plans

    --> Template
    Many floor plan examples make you instantly productive. Choose an interior design template that is most similar to your project and customize it to suit your needs. Start with the exact template you need—not just a blank screen. Add your information and SmartDraw does the rest, aligning everything and applying professional design themes for great results every time.

    --> Symbol
    You get thousands of ready-made graphics for furniture, furniture, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, lighting fixtures, cabinets, office furniture, landscape elements, and more!
    --> Automatic Drawing
    You don't need to be an artist to create great-looking results. Software includes beautiful textures for flooring, countertops, furniture and more.

    --> Interface
    You can quickly plan your home improvements or remodeling without having to learn difficult architectural software.
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