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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Inns & Hotels Petit Hotel d’Hafa

    Inns & Hotels Petit Hotel d’Hafa
    The adorable, six-bedroom Petit Hotel d'Hafa seat as a sort of exotic temple of high-surf-style in the center of Sayulita, just one block from the beach. I came in, completely in awe, and met the owner, Christophe Mignot, a French national who spent 10 years living on a sailboat with his family (they now have three children), before moving to Sayulita. He and his wife Marina drawn from Mexico, Mediterranean and Moroccan influences novelty lies within their own design: rattan furniture, hanging lanterns, beautiful handmade rug in Chiapas and signature heart Hafa ( labeling of pillows, walls and carpet grass)
    Add to the powerful yet very laid-back aesthetic. Christopher, who does not let a hotel manages to divert attention from the real object of his life in Sayulita, muses: ". We thought of opening a larger place, but there is no time to surf "Ultimately, the Hafa-med all its brilliant colors and easy style seaside town is ideal, just the way which.

    Note (and no, this is not a joke or a typo): Prices start from $ 50 per night.

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