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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A-Frame Los Angeles, California

    A-Frame Los Angeles, California
    Here's a case of reuse is well. When the restaurant owner David Reiss took over a defunct IHOP location in Culver City, California, decided to go to architecture, rather than against it. Venice Beach-based enlisted Sean Knibb Knibb Design of a pitched roof to a major selling point, and Reiss same name from the small-plates restaurant A-Frame. Knibb criticized the original ceiling of Douglas fir, and then covered with knotty pine walls give the space a feeling of retro-resistant, heat-polished low. Add to that strong-lined furniture, large colored buttons in small communities and a way to get more details (exterior lights are made of crinoline updated!) And creates a relaxed Lodge in downtown Los Angeles chef Roy Choi (Truck City Kogi cult) has developed a menu he calls "the modern picnic fare includes a global mix of small plates: Peru and the beer style crispy chicken, lamb chops Korean-style barbecue, grilled patties.

    And for those who are looking for a sugar overdose IHOP style potato cake onto the A-frame in fashion is one of the most delicious sugar rushes in the city.

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