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Monday, July 20, 2009

Outstation Project

    Sorry for not post any project this few week because busy for my outstation project

    1) ON 19 JULY

    Visit Negeri Sembilan Project . This is standalone project.
    Spec :-
    - Size = 19 X 75
    - 3 Storey
    - design with open roof.

    2) ON 26 JULY

    Visit Sarawak Project. Have few project at Sarawak . Will be there until 28 July.
    - Standalone Project
    - size = 30 x 80 feet
    - Design with open roof.

    3) ON 30 JULY

    Visit Kelantan Project.
    - Standalone Project
    - Size = 25 x 75 feet
    - Design with Dog Kernel.

    For those who want to meet me during the outstation, please give me a call. 012-5530071

    New standalone project at Kedah

    1) Near Alor Janggos. Abut 15 minutes for alor setar.
    - Standalone Project
    - Size = 19 x 56 feet
    - 3 Storey
    - Design with open roof.

    2) Near Langgar town. About 10 minutes for alor setar.
    - Standalone Project
    - Size = 19 x 37 feet
    - 3 Storey
    - Design with open roof.
    ( This is a very small BH and the cost is very very low. SMS me if you want to know the total price !!

Modern Furniture Design (livingroom set)

          • We all have it and we all use it, but some of us place more importance on furniture in our homes. What makes a Chippendale stand out from another piece of nicefurnitureisn’t just the name. Of course the name can add that extra finesse to the piece, but you have to delve into the history offurniture making to understand how makers such as this built up their name and reputation. An apprentice in the olden days could take between seven to ten years to be considered anything like worthy of the title junior carpenter. It took years more to hone their skill into an art that produced the finest shapes,colourscontours and fretwork that combined into a masterpiece.

            Luxury Furniture Design
            furniture, furniture design, modern furniture design
            Furniture Design

Modern Furniture Design Set

Modern Furniture Design (Really Nice Design)

Modern Furniture Design (Double Access)

Modern furniture design #3

Modern Furniture Design (Isamu Noguchi)

    Furniture Design

    Isamu Noguchi's influence on Modern Furniture
    Every design is different, and every designer is different. For some, the beauty of  is that it is offered in 100 colours. Others would never consider using  in anything other than white.
     Its colour palette includes whites, neutrals, pastels, earthy hues, dark and black tones and bright solids. Some colours are offered with interesting aesthetics – such as veining, ‘lustra’ or added translucency - or with varying degrees of graining.
     And if more choice is needed, DuPont offers a custom colour service, allowing designers to match, exactly, a customer’s corporate colour scheme, or devise an original colour for a specific design.

    Contemporary Furniture

    Stylish Furniture design
    Furniture influence by Isamu Noguchi is still seen in today's products. Born in Los Angeles in 1904, Noguchi spent the majority of his life in America and Japan. An early life experience which later lead to sculpture and furniture design began in Chigasaki, Japan in 1913 where he began an apprenticeship as a carpenter's aid. At the early age of almost nine he began working with his hands to create things.In the summer of 1922 Isamu began an apprenticeship with sculptor Gutzon Borglum in Connecticut. In 1924 he took evening classes in sculpture at the Leonardo Da Vanci Art School. His talent was recognized early and in 1927 he won the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship which allowed him to travel to Paris and Europe and further refine his skills.
    Luxury Table Design

    Luxury Furniture

    Beehive Table 
    Stylish Furniture - Table

    Okay - so maybe not a beehive coffee table, but you can see how the design would translate to a pretty amazing coffee table design. Designer Hoon Roh is one of those interesting designers that look to nature for inspiration in regard to design and function. Bees are pretty amazing insects and this table really reflects that.

Modern Furniture Design (Q design)


    Dtylish Furniture Design
    Q furniture Design
    This "rabbit head" look alike chair is actually inspired by alphabet Q in the way that i actually develope many shapes and forms in it. This is one of my selected design during my attachment work.
    Every room of the house can be decorated with ethnic contemporary furniture, which is available in finest range. Furthermore, no matter what the decor of the room is there is a stylish contemporary door furniture as well along with stylish door knobs. One can find imported as well as domestic contemporary furniture to give the room an unparalleled look. A wide range in bedroom, dining room, drawing room, bathroom furniture is available in the market. To have knowledge about the contemporary products that market is offering in the form of furniture are given as under:

    1. Beds: The trendiest and finest quality beds are available in the market for the consumers to make a choice. The best part of these beds is that in spite of style, they are affordable, practical and comfortable. This furniture is a must have in a bedroom, without it a bedroom is incomplete. So when you are out to make a selection of a bed for the bedroom, do go through the contemporary bed styles. Contemporary styles in beds available in the market are wrought iron bed, platform bed, steel finish bed, wooden beds, round beds, under drawer beds, etc. are available in the market. These beds meet the standards of your comfort zone and also add a chic look to your place

    Luxury Bedroom Design

    2. Tables: materials like wood, glass, metals, etc are available in the market when you go for a contemporary table selection. Contemporary tables include coffee table, dining tables, side tables, centre tables, cocktail tables and study tables. A wide variety of exquisite tables are now out in the market in the quality furniture shops. These tables not only provide utility to the room but also elegance becomes a part of the same. The contemporary tables give the room a chic and unmatched look. A perfect room can never be set without a contemporary table in it.
    Table Design
    Black And White TableBlack and white furniture

    3. Stools: Another important furniture which a room must have is stool. Stools are also available in the market in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Basically the stools can be of two types, i.e. lower stools and higher stools. Bar stools, kids’ stools, kitchen stools, counter stools, etc have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Stools have residential as well as commercial utility. They are comfortable and relaxing. They also add on to the sitting area of a room. Mostly they are available in wooden and plastic materials. Bamboo and jute stools are also available in the market now; they are there to add on to the theme based look of a room.

    4. Chairs: Elegant and contemporary chairs are now available in the market. These chairs often become a style statement for the one who purchases it. Sense and simplicity can be the right term for it. Highly comfortable and practical contemporary chairs come in a huge variety. Some examples of contemporary chairs are teak or cedar chairs with beautiful carvings, stylish metallic chairs, wrought iron chairs, metal finished or polished chairs, folding chairs, leather finish chairs, etc. Most of them are comfortable yet classy.
    sources, pedestal tables, sleek sideboards, etc.
    Classic Living Room

    Luxury Carpet Design
    5. Dining: The dining suite consists of a table, chair, buffet and a cabinet. All these synchronize with each other but are very different from the other tables and chairs which a person uses in his room for extra space utility. The dining suites are available in wooden materials, metallic finishes, acrylic materials and glass bases. They are a symbol of status, taste and elegance. They enhance the look of a dining room, which makes it look more complete.

    6. Sofa: A sofa set is the only furniture which can make your room look more complete. Without a sofa set a living space is incomplete. They make a contemporary room look just perfect. These sofa sets are meant for providing high comfort zones to guests as well as residents. Contemporary sofa sets are available in a variety of designs such as love seats, couch sofas, chair sofas, bean bags, etc. This furniture is available in finishes like leather, fabric, wooden, etc. Sizes such as giant, large, medium and small are available in the market. The range of sofa sets also varies from highly expensive to pocket friendly amounts. Usually giant size contemporary sofa sets are a status symbol of the elite class.

    Contemporary Bed

    7. Recliners: If you want to create a style area in your place, then a must have is recliner. When a person owns this chair, this becomes his best furniture when it comes to relaxing. These are generally imported from Denmark, Germany and Norway which is the center of manufacturing such chairs. This is a perfect blend of fashion and comfort. It is a cozy spot of the house which has now become highly popular in youth. It is available in leather finishes usually. Suede and hard fabrics are also used in these chairs. These chairs relax your back and provide your body with a reclining structure which is highly comfortable when one is stressed out.

    8. Cabinets: Another furniture which increases the space utility of a place is cabinet. Large, medium and small are the sizes of cabinets available in the market. It adds show to the room and makes the room a lot more spacious and tidy. It is available in finishes like glass, metal, wood, plastic and fiber. Special cabinets are there for computers, books, accessories, crockery’s, and many more things. They make the room a lot tidier and clean. Display of special crystal wares, glass accessories, and show pieces can also be done in cabinets. Cabinets are useful furniture which makes the room look more complete and adds on to its beauty. These beautiful cabinets are attached with stylish handles as those used in door knobs.
    Stylish Living Room

    These are some of the furniture’s which a must in a contemporary home. They enhance the look and utility of a room and the entire house as well. Basic essentials such as beds, sofa sets, tables, chairs, dining sets, cabinets, stools, etc. are easily available in the market and are also pocket friendly. But one thing while purchasing them shall be kept in mind is its maintenance. Daily care of the furniture is a must or else dust coats and other hazardous elements of nature such as dampness, direct sunlight, etc. can affect the quality of the furniture. Due care must be taken to keep up the quality and show of the furniture. It is also necessary because it maintains the contemporary look of your place. Now after having a look at this article, do not just jump into buying the furniture, also think of the maintenance techniques of the same. 

Modern Furniture Design (Recycled Bike)

Luxury Furniture Design by Richard Frinier

Modern Furniture Design (Digital Technology)

    Luxury Chair

    Thanks to digital technology, designers don’t need to be in or near the factories where their work is produced, and they have far greater control over prototyping. That’s why British furniture design has flourished in the last two decades after a very long drought, when it was hampered by the poor quality and lack of imagination of British manufacturers. The first wave of successful British furniture designers, like Jasper Morrison, worked principally in other countries before securing commissions in Britain, and they didn’t have government grants to help them.
    Luxury Chair

    recycled cardboard chairs student designers idaho stool photo
    We like this curvy stool, which uses pressed corrugated cardboard to create a solid structure, and hides some storage inside.
    Luxury Chair
    recycled cardboard chairs student designers idaho x-stool photo
    Using a similar technique, this geometric, sturdy-looking stool looks like it could take on a number of functions.


     Wooden Furniture
    recycled cardboard chairs student designers idaho square chair photoWood Design

    This solid lounger looks like it was a labor of love, painstakingly created with hundreds of sandwiched layers.

    Wooden Furniture


    recycled cardboard chairs student designers idaho chair photoChair
    Lastly, we like the different textures created by the different materials in this chair. Below are lists of some of the other cardboard coverage from TreeHugger.

    Wood Design

     Wood Furniture
    recycled cardboard chairs student designers idaho photoWooden Furniture

    Wood Furniture
    Luxury Chair


Modern Chairs Design

    Sequoia Studio has released 2 new furniture designs : Bahia and Yu. Bahia, designed by Nicolas Melan, is a sunbath for outdoor use. Its structure is made of white Corian®, as the supporting foot which is filled with concrete. Bahia’scushions have loose and washable covers made of Dralon®, filled with latex foam and available in different colors and original graphics. Yu, designed by Pascal Bardel, is an outdoor/indoor chair. Its structure is made of cast in one piece white polyethylene. Its cushion has a loose and washable cover made of cotton and is available in four colors: deep red, green apple, pearl gray and pink. It’s simple and minimalist. If you don’t like sophisticated design, then these new products might be perfect choice for you.
    furniture, furniture design

Modern Furniture Design (Chair Design)

    Are you an artist that would just love to see your ideas pop off the page and come to life in the third dimension? The four members of Swedish design company FRONT might be able to help you out, especially in the realm of furniture design.

Wood garden furniture

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