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Monday, January 31, 2011

Toronto Interior Design Show

    Lucky me! I attended the gala night thursday ( and returned for a quick walk through Friday. I focused this post on the amazing Sarah Richardson and her brother Theo Richardson (1/3 of Rich,Brilliant,Willing.) who collaborated on a concept space for the sibling revelry component of the show. Here a blend of aesthetics and eras play together as wonderfully as best friends might.

    Images courtesy Sarah Richardson Design and Moth Design
    Product source list (here). 
    Youtube walk through (here). 
    Theo of Rich, Brilliant, Willing. (here

    Last but not least... please don't forget to 'like' Sarah (here)!
    Hope you enjoyed! xo 

Warm Modernism

    We love the modern look, escpecially when it's cozy and livable.  No one does it better than Marcel Wolterinck, a Dutch designer. His interiors have a really organic feel to them. We love his use of textures and natural materials to bring the inside/outside together.

    Here' s some images for your viewing pleasure....

    To see more of his portfolio or buy his books, check out the web site here.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saša Antić

    : : the styling of .Saša Antić. always amazes me! Love the outdoor settings, especially the same scenery in different seasons.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adore Home - British Edition Feb/Mar 2011 (Issue 3)

    Adore Home is a relative newcomer to the lifestyle e-magazine stable. You wouldn't know it based on the cover of this issue, but Adore Home is an Australian based title.

    The British Edition is in fact the third issue of this title. Although heavy on all things Britannia, as you would expect in a British Edition, it's not one just for the Anglophiles. Several prominent Aussie bloggers feature in this issue such as Kellie from Ada & Darcy, Louise from Table Tonic & Viv from ish & chi. Also there's a fabulous kids rooms feature & the homes shown are of "real" people & styles that are attainable whatever your budget may be. There is a mouthwatering High Tea feature which not only has delicious recipes, but equally sumptuous photos. The travel section definitely beckons one to London especially in the Spring/Summer - I need to go back!

    I'm overwhelmed by the number of quality lifestyle/interiors e-magazines that are now available. I'm proud that Australia is at the forefront with a publication like Adore Home.

    Congratulations to founder & creator of Adore Home, designer Loni Parker on a fantastic issue. Looking forward to the next issue!

    Sandy K
    [above image via Adore Home]

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Matchbook - February 2011 Issue No. 1

    Meet Matchbook. Matchbook is a new e-magazine just launched two days ago.

    Matchbook describes itself as "an online lifestyle publication celebrating classics - shaken & stirred. Our monthly issues cover past & present fashion, decor, the arts, travel & culture. Brimming with intriguing interviews, stately homes, captivating memoirs & swoon-worthy fashion spreads, Matchbook seeks to inspire women around the globe to design a life they adore. From lipstick to letterpress, gelato to grosgrain, & Paris to Peru, consider us your field guide to a charmed life."

    Looks very interesting & a nice balance of topics covered. Great to see a new e-magazine with fabulous content available. It's a very high quality publication that I'm sure I will return to again & again.

    Congratulations to Katie Armour (co-founder & editorial director) of the blog The Neo-Traditionalist, Jane Lilly Warren (co-founder & creative director) of the blog Lox Papers & Fallon Hogerty (associate editor) of the blog A Lovely Being, for a fantastic debut issue!

    Check out Matchbook for yourself.

    Sandy K
    [above images via Matchbook]

Upholstered Headboard

    We've been working on a small project with a very small budget.  Mind you, we're really not the decorate-on-a dime kinda people.  Those decorating shows that teach you how to make a volleyball net out of the plastic canholders?  Or ottoman out of empty Coke bottles?  No thanks.    However, there are ways to make your house look nice on a budget, and having a colorful, pretty headboard for your bed is one of them.  It's really pretty when you choose a striking fabric that's colorful and fun.  The headboards cost about $500-600 to make, and usually you can have a good local, upholsterer make it for you.

    If you are looking for headboard models, here are some good ones from Edward Ferrell.    You can go to the site and download a tearsheet (you can order from them too, but it's kinda expensive).

    Bring this to your favorite upholsterer along with your favorite fabric and voila...

Rue - Jan/Feb 2011 Issue 3

    Issue 3 of Rue has just gone live. The cover I must say is not to my taste. Although a beautiful pic in its' own right, I think there a numerous better options to be found throughout this issue.

    I've had a quick flick through, & there appears to be numerous closeup shots. A broader perspective would have been nice to get an overall feel of some of the spaces showcased. The first half of the issue was skim worthy, but the issue really picks up in the second half. Some of the interiors are very lust worthy indeed.

    Go have a look at this issue. There's something for everyone.

    Sandy K

    P.S. I'm on holidays at the moment in Australia's style capital of Melbourne. Having a great time. I promise my posting will pickup pace when I return.

    [above image via Rue]

Beautiful and Comfortable House 2011

    Beautiful and comfortable house in 2011 it was one of the models in housing construction this year. Many aspects must be considered in building a beautiful home and comfortable. Inspiration can come to see this blog, a lot of inspiration that is given and a lot of benefits.

    The issue of global warming can also be made in the construction of a beautiful and comfortable home. Materials used should be able to appreciate the nature and friendly nature.

    Feature beautiful and comfortable house 2011 is not damaging the environment, consider in planning your home does not need to use materials that damage especially difficult to be recycled. Beautiful and comfortable home should be used for generations to come.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home plan and elevation - 2300 Sq. Ft

    Total Area-2300Sq.ft
    Ground Floor-1150 Sq. Ft
    First Floor-1150 Sq. Ft
    Kerala Style Home plan and elevation - 2300 Square Feet

    Kerala Style Home plan and elevation - 2300 Square Feet
    Kerala Style Home plan and elevation - 2300 Square Feet
    Designer: T.L.M Ismail
    094 0778466644 / 094 0714418216

I ♥ Matchbook

    It's here! Another online magazine to savour, Matchbook. 
    So here's sending out my deepest gratitude to the lovely creators for providing all of us with such wonderful stuff to read. Is it greedy to say I'm already looking forward to the next issue?? xo

    p.s. Thanks to Melissa at Hare Styling for featuring my home on her lovely blog today! I'm touched Mrs. Hare! xo

Psssst.... I'm Over Here!

    Hello Lovelies! I was delighted when Melanie from Scout asked me to participate in her Super (Model) Mom series. After all, I always love reading these posts and who wouldn't want to refer to themselves as a super model for a day?! I had such fun with this, please pop over [here] and see! xo
     A little sneak peek....


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feeling Inspired


    Michelle Williams in this month's Marie Claire. I found the article quite moving, a lot of her comments resonated with me for one reason or another. Doesn't she look amazing?! xo

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

blood orange caipirinhas

    : : since I was born in Brazil I was brought up on Brazilian caipirinhas, I remember drinking them with water instead of sugar cane rum when I was a kid. It's always been the favorite drink in my family and it didn't take long for Iz to pick up the caipirinha making skills (it was sort of a requirement or he probably would have been kicked out of the family), today he makes mean caipirinhas. Last weekend he was experimenting with a mix of blood orange and lime and it came out amazing.

    here's how he did it: muddle 1 lime, 1 blood orange and super fine sugar. then add cachaca (some sparkling water if you like) and ice, shake and pour into glasses. enjoy!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Old Leather Books

    There's this bar called the Library Bar in downtown Los Angeles that we go to once in a while.  Its walls are lined with these antique books that we thought are pretty cool.

     If you ever wanted that lived-in, antiqued look, there's this line of antique library books you might want to check out. They retail for about $10-15 each or something like that...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Enter 2011 with Contemporary Kitchen Collection Mesh by Florida

    Prepare something new to enter 2011? Maybe you have a plan to renovate your kitchen design be more contemporary, then you should check the brand new Mesh kitchen collection. Italian based kitchen manufacture Florida has designed Mesh-their new kitchen collection that offers future edge. The main feature of Mesh is minimalist looks with cool clean faced cabinets dressed with unusual bold angles to enhance its modern aesthetic. The new concept of cooking, eating and entertaining blend in one contemporary compact kitchen design.

    All surfaces of this glossy kitchen except work top are made of lacquered glass which visually increases kitchen space. Stainless steel work top create bold modern statement which become the perfect complement to these kitchens. Wide range of color include modern classic black, stylish white, or another cool color option like lime green and fresh yellow are available. Work zone has designed with an ergonomic motion for washing up, cooking and having breakfast. The modern sink is completely integrated and perfectly looks with modern faucet. I just cant stop loving this cool elegance black Mesh series. Visit soon at Florida for detail info and purchase.

    Mesh Kitchen By Florida 1

    Mesh Kitchen By Florida 1

    Mesh Kitchen By Florida 2

    Mesh Kitchen By Florida 2

    Mesh Kitchen By Florida 3

    Mesh Kitchen By Florida 3

    Mesh Kitchen By Florida 4

    Mesh Kitchen By Florida 4

    Mesh Kitchen By Florida 5

    Mesh Kitchen By Florida 5

    Mesh Kitchen By Florida 6

    Mesh Kitchen By Florida 6

    Mesh Kitchen By Florida 7

    Mesh Kitchen By Florida 7

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