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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's All About the Kids...

    It is isn't it?

    I mean, that could be said with a smile or a scowl, depending on the day, the mood or the moment.
    And I have experienced the gamut in just the short week since summer break started.
    I have discovered that working from home, surrounded by kids and the noises of summer, is REALLY hard. That I may have to shift my thinking and my schedule: working only at night, after everyone is in bed. Because writing creative thoughts for two magazines, while fielding endless questions, supervising swimming, and running a taxi service and an ice-cream stand really doesn't mesh.

    Not that I'm complaining (well, maybe a little...). Because if anyone writes me and tries to tell me that there aren't growing pains associated with having the kids home for summer, well, they are too organized or saintly to be my pal. Just being honest...

    And because the internet can be a very bad influence on me (for example, I cleaned my oven the other day just because a Facebook friend said she was cleaning hers), I decided to take inspiration from the lovable Meg (who has really set the bar on being a fun mother, hasn't she?) and made this with my girlie:

    (and yes, there is a spelling error: Sunday should read Sundae)

    Only you just know that making this list is going to come back and bite me...
    As in, "Mummy, we need to do something on the list, so let's have a water balloon fight and make a campfire to make spider hotdogs, K?"
    And I will grimace while entertaining thoughts of using that list to start the campfire...

    And then, magically, I will get in a groove and loosen up and things will get done and I will reap the reward of all that late night working: sleeping in!

    Because that's a summer activity, right?

    Must go add it to "The List!"

    (Sophie's class picnic...we can scratch that off The List, too!)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

High, Low, you should go!

    In  case you haven't heard, I LOVE Homesense/Homegoods. While shopping there last weekend I discovered these beautiful mother of pearl cabinet knobs. At $7 for a package of four, I remarked to my mother that they look like hardware you'd find at Anthropologie. I scooped up every package and replaced my former hardware (crystal knobs which I still love) and am happy to have an easy, inexpensive make-over.

    (Beware, poor quality photos ahead)

    And what do you know? While perusing Anthro's website last night, I decided to check out their cabinet hardware. What did I find?

    Wait for it...

    MY $12 for ONE knob!!!

    A savings of $41/ package of four!

    I'm sorry, Anthropologie.
    I love you... but I love Homesense more!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Puncak Tyrol from Austria

    Top of Tyrol (Peak Tyrol), which is a platform designed by Astearchitecture sights as high as 3000 m above sea level at the Stubai Glacier in the Tyrol, Austria. Weather-resistant steel used in construction for extreme weather mangantisipasi so you can stand 9 feet from the top of the mountain to see the sights Stubai Glacier.Puncak Tyrol from Austria

Puncak Tyrol from Austria

    Top of Tyrol (Peak Tyrol), which is a platform designed by Astearchitecture sights as high as 3000 m above sea level at the Stubai Glacier in the Tyrol, Austria. Weather-resistant steel used in construction for extreme weather mangantisipasi so you can stand 9 feet from the top of the mountain to see the sights Stubai Glacier.Puncak Tyrol from Austria

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beautiful rooms for children

    Many rooms are lovely and beautiful.Lovely room for children is one concept and should be given to each child. Tip beautiful rooms for children, basic materials must be free from harmful chemicals, the design of safe and harmless and the most important is the concept that in accordance with the wishes of children.

    To get the equipment that is safe and not harmful to children, Colombini many providing the equipment.

    There are many kinds of beautiful bedroom concept for small children, an example can be viewed below:

Happiness is...

    Is it possible to not be happy when on a swing?

    (Sophie and her cousin, Sarah)

    I felt happy just watching them...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Doing it Right...Happy Father's Day!

    We are lucky.
     Lucky to have a man who walks the walk and lets us know he loves us every day. If I did one thing right as a mother, it was choosing a good father for my children and a great example of what a husband and father should be.

    Now, I am off to get him a pound cake with butter cream icing and some big steaks to barbecue.
    Because that is what the smart wives of men-who-don't-want-to-go-out-for-Father's-Day-dinner do!

    We love you!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Grand Living Room Interior Design

    grand living room interior design

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    grand living room interior design

Visit the Vintage Wonderland...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer, summertime!!

    I am ready.

    As my eldest finishes his final exam, my youngest son announces he is playing hooky for his final three days next week (and I am okay with that) and my girlie has her field trip, I am hereby declaring the arrival of Summer!

    I am through making bag lunches...and waking up in a cold sweat realizing I forgot to pick up bread for sandwiches.

    I am ready for full-time flip flop wearing, and less socks to wash.
    I am ready to use my clothesline every fine day.

    I am ready to fire up the barbecue more days than not.

    I am ready to fill my deep-freeze with freezies, and watch my children slyly poke the empty wrappers down through the gaps in the decking.

    I am even ready for sand in the tub.

    I am ready for trips to the beach and ice-cream or snow cones afterwards.

    I am ready to swing on my porch swing with the handyman, listening to the radio on a Saturday night.

    I am ready to see my children's hair turn lighter as the sun and chlorine bleach it out.

    Speaking of that, I am ready for my own hair to need less touch-ups.

    I am ready for even more freckles to sprinkle across my kids' cheeks (and my own!)

    I am ready to watch the handyman mow the grass and build me things with no shirt on, while envying his freedom to do so!

    I am ready for my friends' annual Canada Day party.

    I am ready for CAMPING!!!

    I am ready to be the ever present life-guard, and assure myself that daily dips in the pool means they can skip the odd shower.

    I am ready for my farmer's tan.

    I am ready to wear more dresses than pants.

    I am ready to work my butt off writing (note to self: must find way to type while life-guarding)

    I am ready to sleep in and hopefully my internal clock will understand that before the summer is out!!

    Are you ready???

Monday, June 14, 2010

You and your a magazine!!

    Yep, it's true! Calling all of you stylish and talented homeowners: get your cameras out and head on over to Holiday with Matthew Mead to enter our BIG contest!! I've seen a lot of beautiful homes around these parts and yours just might be the one that makes it into the pages of HOLIDAY.

    So, click on the button below and find out all of the details of the contest.
    Oh, and just a reminder:

    Holiday with Matthew Mead is a 144-page magazine delivered directly to you home/mailbox and can ONLY be purchased here! HOLIDAY will not be found on newsstands and is selling quickly. We have almost met our sales quota for the first (and only one we have committed to) printing.

    So, get yours very soon!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

the renovation of two bedroom small house in Victoria Caulfield

    This is the renovation of two bedroom small house in Victoria Caulfield.The requirement is "A dining room, North facing light for shelter and maybe breakfast corner."

    Because this is a site with a width of about 6.8M south side and north side of the road setback 1M 1M, is a small additions.

    Although the addition of new rooms including the Dining, Living, Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry and the Loft, the actual number of new extensions (Ground Floor) region is only about 11M2.
    Learn more this site>>>>........

Office Wharehouse

    Office Wharehouse

    This is an existing building in Hawthorn, the client is required to maintain the sections and modified for their new headquarters, and expand to develop a new operational area. Part of the offices have been built, including the front and sides. The wharehouse back is made of concrete tilt panel constructed on the site.

    LEARN MORE...............>>>>>>

Another showroom dedicated to the home office, bar entertainment

    Another showroom dedicated to the home office, bar entertainment, media and home theater options, options such as brick and exterior paint, flooring, outdoor living, closet and garage and laundry systems.

    The New Home Design Studio John Wieland exclusively serving the buyers of new and traditional house colonnade. Depending on the construction phase at the time of purchase, homebuyers to enjoy a series of special meeting time with one of Wieland's professional design consultants to read it carefully, plan and make choices for their new home. This open studio is only a promise.

    learn more <<<<<CLIK HERE>>>>>>

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Coming soon; the most Beautiful Vintage...

    Apologies for the long gap between blog posts. We are currently preparing a huge amount of the most beautiful stock which will be coming to the website soon. We have also been very busy making some exciting new changes to the website; all will be revealed in a matter of days...

    In the meantime, we thought you'd like a little taster of the gorgeous items we have for you. There are many stunning paintings and prints, including yard long Victorian paintings, a huge collection of the prettiest eiderdowns, and an incredible array of vintage textiles. This is possibly our most exciting collection of beautiful vintage to date. We know you don't like to miss out so we will send a Newsletter on update day to everyone on our mailing list - join us now if you haven't already.

    Roses are everywhere, on paintings, prints and textiles.

    There's plenty of pink too!

    Of course, pink and paisley together is a match made in heaven...

    ...and this beauty brings the prettiness of a country garden into your bedroom.

    The crisp and fresh apple green of this eiderdown is truly mouthwatering.

    Those really are just a mere handful of our vintage goodies so we're sure there'll be enough to go round! We found time in between the preparations to take some photos of our beautiful roses and the beginnings of a bumper crop from one of our apple trees.

    We'll be back soon with news of the update, in the meantime, enjoy some lazy Summer days!
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