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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Plants are a wonderful solution to bring life

    1. Plants. Plants are a wonderful solution to bring life, literally, for you to fill the space and the people "What on earth do I put in this room" area.

    2. Furniture does not fit. Please, I beg those who are looking for new furniture set, do not buy a complete set. This is not creative. If you already have furniture that is not a good fit for you! (Or, sorry it was you who took the couch from the curb and that's why you do not match the furniture.)

    3. Art. How awesome is this artwork. Perfect contrasting colors and told by the art, you may be able to find some kids in Craigslists paint something similar to a bribe from the McDonald's gift cards.

Interior Design and Decorating Trends 2010: Paint Colors

    Interior Design and Decorating Trends 2010: Paint Colors

    The coming year, the painting and faux finishing will be greater than the use of wallpaper in the interior, as happened in the past. In the year 2009, we saw a lot of purple, blue, and metallic paint color. We will continue to see the purple in 2010, but in shades of light (like lavender). We also will see more pink - shades not girly, but lighter and more sophisticated pink - even used as the main color on the walls. And finally, because the green, crazy environment, a soft green palette will continue to appear in the house.

This trend will be hot for 2010.

    "Rustic Modern" is one of the guests described how the interior designer Robert Stilin country home in East Hampton, NY, which features the American farmhouse coffee table mingles with vintage Arne Jacobsen Egg Hans Wegner chairs and stools. This trend will be hot for 2010.
    Photo by: Handout photo

A Sweet Front Sloping Lot House Plans Designs

    house plans designs

    House Plans Designs

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Modern Sofa Design

Modern Living Rooms Design from Tumidei

Aquatic Bathroom Tile

Multimedia Chair Concept

Luxury Lamp - Interior Design

Kitchen Furniture Design

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bathtub Design


Combination of Black White and Red Kitchen Cabinets

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