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Monday, August 24, 2009

Bird Nest Processing Center

    This trip to Jakarta is to visit bird nest processing center. This processing center size is about 2 shop lot with about 70 worker. 1 month can produce about 60 kg nest. The advantages of this processing center is they did not using any chemical .

    From below pictured, you can see that all the nest is clean by hand and without any chemical.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pulau Bintan Indonesia Trip

    Pulau Bintan is one of a Indonesia Island that located near Pulau Batam. It need about 2.45 hour from Tanah Merah ( Singapore ) Jetty by Feri.

    Mr A is with me during this visit on one of his BH. This size of his BH is only about 18 feet X 40 feet. The design same as a open roof design. This BH already have more then 1500 nest.

    The entrance of this BH. This BH operated without using any sound system.

    This is the view from the Tanjung Pinang Jeti.

Monday, August 17, 2009

America's Housing Markets

    America's Best And Worst Housing Markets

    Though U.S. home values have dropped for the 10th consecutive quarter, homeowners in some parts of the nation are seeing prices appreciating.
    Countrywide, second-quarter values fell 12.1% year-over-year to $186,500. This is a 22.3% drop in value since the mid-2006 market peak, according to's Second-Quarter Real Estate Market Report. The real estate research firm's Home Value Index measures the value of all homes in a metropolitan statistical area or metro, not only those that sold in the measured period.

    But Fayetteville, N.C., posted a Q2 2009 $120,600 median home value, up 13.4% over a year ago. In Oklahoma City, values rose in the last year 4.8% to $118,700. Further north, in Binghamton, N.Y., the $112,300 median value is 4.5% higher than it was a year ago. A relatively low percentage of June foreclosure resales--11.9% in Fayetteville and 4% in Oklahoma City--and percent of mortgages in negative equity--16.2% and 14.9%, respectively--likely contributed to the boost in home values.
    Skies aren't as bright in California, epicenter of the home-construction boom and bust. Four of the state's metros--Merced, El Centro, Madera and Modesto--posted declines of between 30% and 40%. In these areas, the sheer amount of foreclosures is depressing home values. In Merced and Madera, for example, foreclosure resales dominate home purchases, at 77.4% and 71%, respectively, for all June sales.
    What's more, these areas have high concentrations of homeowners with underwater mortgages (the situation in which the homeowner owes more than what the home is actually worth). These high rates, coupled with Merced's 18.8% unemployment and Madera's 9.6%, means more foreclosures are likely on the horizon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Schedule Of the Month

    For those who want to meet me or want to joint me during my trip can give me a call so that i can arrange the schedule for you.

    1) 12 - 14 Aug 2009
    Will drop at Nibong Tebal to install few BH system.

    2) 15 Aug 2009
    Morning. Will drop at Bukit Minyak to verify the old BH. Evening. Will drop at Taiping to verify a BH also.

    3) 16 Aug 2009
    Will be at Nibong Tebal.

    4) 19-20 Aug 2009
    Will be at Batam indonesia to visit few BH.

    5) 21 - 22 Aug 2009
    Will be at Jakarta Indonesia to meet with nest processing dealer.

    6) 28- 30 Aug 2009
    Will be at KL to install BH system.

    More New Stand Alone Project

    1) Pokok Sena Project

    About 30 min from Alor Setar. Will finish end of September.

    Size : 20 X 60 X 9 feet high.
    Design : Dog Kernel

    2) Teja Project

    About 10 min from Alor Setar. Will finish end of this month.

    Size : 20 X 40 X 9 feet high
    Design : Open Roof

    3) Alor Janggus

    About 15 min from Alor Setar. Will finsih end of this Month.
    Size : 19 X 56 x 9 feet high
    Design : Open Roof

How The Swiftlet Having Sex

    This pictured is taken during a visit in one of my BH project. I saw this 2 bird are having sex in the bird house. I hope to share this pictured to you.
    From this pictured also, you can saw that the nest in this bird house is cracking due to the humidity drop. After i verify it, the humidity is only min 55 % and Max is 65% only.
    What i am want to share is, the humidity will not effect the qty of the bird stay in a BH but the quality of the nest only. !!! This bird house already have more then 90 nest.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Before Start Your New Swiftlet House Project

    Got a lot of my blog reader always asking me about the design of a bird house and the cost to build it. Actually all bird house is not same. It depend on few item that we need to do some test and verify first :-

    1) Do the bird call test first.
    - need to do for few time . Get the information about the qty of the bird, flying path of the bird and the size of the bird.
    - From this test, you can design the size of the bird house you going to built.

    2) Get the information of the nearest bird house.
    - the qty of the bird insides.
    - the design of the bird house.

    3) Get the direction of the Sun and food source.
    - will help you to reduce the temperatures.

    4) the wing direction

    5) surrounding area.

    This is my basic data that i need before start a new project. Hope you can do the same and can help you to become a good and success farmer. My advise is do not built a big one, just built a small one first but remember, min is 15 X 40 feet.
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