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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Covet Garden Issue 8

    Covet Garden Issue 8 is now live. This issue takes a look at the Toronto west-end home of Tomi & Karim. The light, bright, calm space has been largely renovated by Karim who is an editor, director & compositor with Tomi, a graphic designer, adding her touch in the finishes.

    Tomi's sparse design & the pale blue palette contribute greatly to the sense of calm & relaxation which this 100 year old home evokes. Although sparsely decorated, the objects to be found in the home reflect the couples' history & cultural backgrounds (Karim's Moroccan heritage & Tomi's Croatian roots).

    It's a lovely abode that I imagine all who walk through its' door instantly feel at home in.

    Covet Garden continues to bring us "real" homes. Go check it out.

    Sandy K
    [above image via Covet Garden]
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