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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sleek in the City

    There was something about the Traina's home that I posted yesterday that reminded me of this New York apartment.  It belongs to eccentric fashionista Daphne Guinness and was designed with Daniel Romualdez who she said got what she wanted right away.  It was featured in the March issue of Archtechtural Digest and is a clear indication of why you should be buying the magazine again.  I love that even though you know a designer helped with the apartment, it still looks personal.  You can tell that she chose all the art because she loved it.

    Guinness says that some people get a little turned around in the entry hall of mirrors but it looks chic. Mirrors are especially great at opening up dark spaces in New York apartments. The photograph is by Daido Moriyama.

    Sometimes I wished magazines included floorplans so you could see the flow.  I'm not sure where this part of the entry lies but I love the kaleidoscope look of the butterflies in Another Amazing Transcendental Experience by Damien Hirst from 2003.

    A close up of Daphne Guinness in front of the Damien Hirst piece.

    One wall of the living room is also mirrored. Hanging over it are works by Nobuyoshi Araki, David LaChapelle, and Bert Stern.

    Wish we could see more of the library too.  I always love to see what books on are on a person's shelves.

    Of course, I love the green Chinoiserie paper covering a screen in one of the bedrooms.

    Another bedroom looks like it's mirrored but it's really Mylar wallpaper from Florence Broadhurst. I follow Daphne Guinness on twitter and find her fascinating.  It seems like her New York apartment reflects her interesting personality and her sophistication perfectly.
    Photos by Thomas Loof
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