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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Decorating With Room Dividers

    Room dividers can be a form of decoration, a functional way to separate spaces, or both. There are different forms of room dividers that can be used, depending on the need. For instance, an individual wanting to partially separate a room may use a permanent or half width room divider, decorated with shelves on one side for functionality. With the many ways to use room dividers it can be hard to choose which type to use, so, it might be wise to have knowledge on the different types of room dividers to better know what will best fit the space the room dividers are to be used in.

    Room dividers can be broken down into three basic categories: permanent room dividers, improvised room dividers, and flexible dividers. A permanent room divider can be something like a half width or half height wall. This means that the divider can come out half way across the floor or halfway up a wall.
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