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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Birthday Party that Almost Wasn't

    One calamity after another almost robbed Angelus of his 4th birthday party, but finally the Gods smiled upon him and granted his Super Hero bowling party birthday wish!

    Friends color their treasure bags and fill them with goodies of their choice from the treasure chest. I bought items for the kids that were useful or educational, like lip balm, crayons, magnets, science beakers, bubbles, toothbrushes and magnifying glasses. By golly, the toothbrushes were the first to go!

    Moving Angelus' party out of our little home was the best idea ever, The space and freedom raised every one's spirits. I off set the extra cost by not serving a meal, only snacks, drinks and cake. Invitations we're digital, through Facebook, and the kids treasures and decorations were purchased at the dollar store. Super hero themed party decorations are so expensive! Instead of Spiderman plates and Batman cups, I bought all plain decorations and Super Hero stickers (cheap!); Angelus placed the stickers all over the table cloths and we rounded out the decorations by bringing a few of his Super Hero toys from home as table centerpieces. My only splurge was a Batman cake.

    The kids are adorable bowlers!

    It went so well, I may do it all over again next year, but with one addition - ask the kids to come dressed as a Super Hero! Real or imagined :)

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