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Friday, October 22, 2010

Design Light Up Starway

    Lights staircase is a low voltage (which implies a low cost) LED system with which you turn on your stairs with or without switch. The lights automatically open when you near the stairs, but they can also be controlled. There is also a generator connected to the system, so that in the case of a blackout of the stairs will still emit light for 12 hours.

    Design Light Up Starway1

    Design Light Up Starway2

    Design Light Up Starway3

    Each staircase is illuminated by three low beam and all the hidden son is intelligent. If you want to buy the kit, it costs you $ 140. However, the kit includes four sets of light, so you must add $ 34.95 for each phase of the fifth.The total cost is quite high, but you can check in that light, every step of seconds, for example. – Via Gadget Venue

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