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Friday, October 15, 2010

6 million recycled beer bottles take shape of a massive house

    beer bottle house1

    Used beer bottles do nothing more than pollute our environment a little more. In an effort to do something more meaningful with these bottles, a recycling enthusiast diverted over 6 million of them from landfills. Tito Ingenieri, who hails from city called Quilmes, has spent 19 years of his life building a house from beer bottles.

    beer bottle house2

    Though the house has nothing to boast about in terms of aesthetics, Tito’s nearly two decades of hard work cannot be overlooked. His recycling efforts more than make up for the looks. For his project, Ingenieri collected non-returnable bottles from the streets and his neighbors.

    beer bottle house3

    Ingenieri also says that the house is also an alarm to know when the river is rising, as the southern winds make the bottles’ necks whistle. The recycled bottles are not the only green thing the house flaunts; the home also has some sculptures from trash. The designer also takes out time for people who wish to learn some basic building techniques as well.

    beer bottle house4

    beer bottle house5

    beer bottle house6

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