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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Type 300 Custom Pak Made Artana

    House Specifications:

    Land Area 400 m2

    Building Area 300 m2

    Home Construction Cost Estimate: USD 1.1 M (Full Building without soil)

    This is the latest Home Design from Emporio. It is a house with an area of 300 m2 on land of 400 m2. This design is a response from the creative team Emporio upper house needs to land 4 acres with elongated size 11 x 38 meters.

    Long benefited from the land that reaches 38 meters, this land is the best medium to express themselves (most of the architects more like the land that extends backward). Not satisfied simply by making regular home style, our creative team comes with merging style homes and villas, which gives the impression of elegance and relief in their daily activities.

    In looking ahead we give a solid impression on the two main pillars, and the addition of two terraces in each room upstairs provides flexibility and relief. This house has 3 master bedroom equipped with view and private terrace for each room as well as an extra-spacious rooms located directly to the swimming pool so as to provide a strong feel of villas in the house. In addition, there carport for 2 cars and 2 maids rooms, and equipped with minibar and void carving ornaments palimanan towering thus giving the impression of an artistic sublime.

    Desain Interior
    Rumah dengan luas 300 m2 ini akan dibangun dengan biaya sekitar Rp 1,1M, dan rencananya akan dimulai pada bulan Januari 2011 ini.

    Spesifikasi Teknis Rumah:
    Pondasi: Batu Kali, pondasi Plat Beton
    Struktur: Beton Bertulang
    Dinding : Batu Bata Plester dicat
    Cat Dulux (pada tembok luar dalam)
    Konstruksi Atap & Plafon: Baja Ringan jenis UKA
    Genteng : Genteng Plat merek Duco (kelas 1)
    Lantai : Granito atau Granite Sincere
    Kayu Bengkirai

    Demikian desain dan spesifikasi rumah type 300 ini. Jika tertarik untuk membangun rumah type ini anda bisa menghubungi kami disini. 
    Have a nice weekend..!!

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