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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mengapa Membangun Rumah ??(2)

    Building a Home vs. Buying a Home So
    6 Excess What You Get From Build Houses than
    Buying Houses So

    1. Location Choice

    Unlike a car, television, or even ship yacht, the house that you buy have a fundamental deficiency, which can not be moved, unless you buy a home portable.
    Villa Design Example
    Choice of location is one of three important factors in the deal other than a property transaction prices, and compatibility of design. Incompatibility location, our experience-based property-division agent often is the bottleneck of a home purchase transaction. Often a house that was suitable in design and price, are purchased by the client canceled its location that does not fit with the client's wishes, for example away from the workplace. In this case, if clients have not found a home that fits in the location of interest then, the most logical option is to buy land in the area that you like, and then create a design to the architect that you trust, and with the professional workmanship by the contractor so that your will get a comfortable and beautiful dwelling in a location that you want ...

    2. You can check the structure, its Plumbing and Electricity

    Another advantage you get from building a house than buy a house so that you can check on struturnya before the house was founded, as well as electricity and plumbingnya.
    For example, to build houses for the second floor, are required to use a metal screw 13, with iron beugel 8, column using a large column foundation scribble (foot plate) with a size of 1 x 1 meter, etc. ...
    (If you still lay with the structure, plumbing and electricity building, you can read our next article which explains the standards you must know the standards of the structure, plumbing and electricity the house). When you buy a house ready made, you will not know what kind of installation standards used for the house was not it?

    3. Building Age

    Do not forget that the building has aged, even each component itself has a certain grace period.
    When you decide to buy a house so, make sure that the building is not too old to buy.
    Age of buildings is particularly influential in the paint, plumbing, electricity, waterproofing coating, roof structure (especially in the use of wood), plus windows and doors.

    4. Design According to taste

    Design is the 'face' for your building.
    Beautiful design also means 'beautiful face' for your home ..
    Building area does not warrant a building to be beautiful, the beauty of the building there are elements of 'balance' and 'fit', if you do not have a home design elements, the beauty will not appear.

    5. Your Needs Different With Other People

    Are you memimpian bedroom with beautiful views of view style villas in Ubud? why not put more openings with clear glass in your room ... or you like the atmosphere of Western-style bars in Sanur? why not make it happen in your own home ...
    Often the greatest satisfaction to the person who makes house is now the most private desire in them to materialize, even if the desire is 'nyeleneh' though ...
    The laying of a swimming pool, gazebo, meditation room or fitness room can make a meaningful difference in your residential ..

    Oya, sometimes we also get the order form renovation of space, may be just you think that when you buy a house so you will easily merenovnya into the house with the room you want, ... but believe me, that it's not as easy as you think,. .. because it must be remembered that the emergence of new space will be obtaining masiv collide with the existing structure, .. like column structure, plumbing, or even another room layout ...

    6. Price Can Be Controlled

    When you buy a house so, your focus is an appropriate home budjet, there might be a suitable home location, and good design, but if the price is too high ... it is certainly difficult for you ...
    By building their own home, you can be more 'intelligent' in managing your finances, .. could have been with the system of gradual development, or with mortgage credit system with light installments. It could also choose a location that is still relatively cheap land prices, to increase development funds, etc. ..
    Besides, it should be noted that, building a home can be much cheaper than buying ready-made home, .. the logic is, if you buy a house from someone else of course the price is the price my contractor + profit sales ..
    Whereas if you build a direct, then the cost that you spend on it .. just for contractors
    As an example of a small house type 45 may be valued 300 million in housing, but if you build yourself then the price is enough to build two-storey type 100 ..!
    Investment in housing is an investment with the greatest value to humans in the category of needs, we fully realize that no matter how small the investment house still involves a lot of money, .. so be careful in investing your money for a house that will get maximum results. .

    Similarly, the article Why Build a House from us, hopefully the above information useful for you all, congratulations for the weekend:)


    (Source: Emporio Architect) 

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