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Friday, November 6, 2009

Luxury steam shower

    luxury jacuzzi
    Luxury steam shower units have become all rage these days. We have earlier introduced you to the Luxor hydro massage bathtub and the Divapor’s Utopia Steam Sauna. Now, blessed with state of the art style and innovation, the Jacuzzi Morphosis Omega Steam Shower with Hydromassage is here to make your bathroom more luxurious. Designed collectively with Pininfarina, a famed car design company, the Omega Omega comes equipped with a high-performance steam generator, ergonomic teak wood sitting, built-in rain shower, and four hydromassage jets. The spacious unit offers total comfort in both the seated and standing positions. You can opt for either the transparent or darkened color for the fittings. The limited edition Omega steam shower will go on sale in June for $27,126.
    Via: Trendir
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